*** These are real questions asked by our customers ***

     1. How my order is processed? 

Payments are usually verified within 24 hours. After verification, we will Process your order in two or three days, after that, we will ship your products to arrive in seven to fourteen days, through DHL or Epacket.
As soon as we have the tracking number, we will send it to you

     2. Why my order takes too long when I buy it between January and February?

As we said our delivery is with DHL DHL or Epacket, the product is sent it from Hong Kong to your address. But From January 22th till 06th of Feb, we celebrate here the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) so most of the people and companies here stop working. Please accept our apologised, due this local delayed.

     3. How good is the quality of these models, and what happens if I check my order, and discover that they are missing parts?

Let me clarify something:
LEGO has the “1%” problems with customers, which means that 1% of customers receive the product with missing parts, or they must even use glue to keep larger models together.
We have sold for each model over 500 times, sometimes we have the 1% problem also, missing pieces and we send them quickly, without cost.
With regard to engines and batteries, these models are an alternative to LEGO, for example, some customers write that they buy the Star Wars AT AT Walker, because it is cheap and is almost the same, but they prefer to buy the original Motor and batteries from LEGO. Other prefer the original LEGO base to build the Green Grocery or any heavy building, Which is perfectly understandable.

There are many videos on youtube showing comparisons of LEGO with all alternative brands, we believe that our product is very close to LEGO levels, if you have seen the photos you might notice it.
I hope this answer will clarify your doubts in some way.
I look forward to hear from you soon.

     4. Hi is this actual official Lego? Is it just missing to original Lego box? Do they come with original Lego instructions book??.  Thank you

This is a common question, most people distrust the product.

We are an alternative to the original brand. As you probably know, some original models are discontinued and to be able to access them by third parties, prices are extremely expensive.

This manual is similar to the original, simple. Anyway if you want the original, I’ll send it to you by email.

To some countries in continental Europe, we send our manual by email.

   5. What happens when I buy a product with the tag “PreSell”?

Your order will be processed in 24 hours and then the information send to the Hong Kong factory.

As I wrote in the  description of the item, you have to wait 30 days plus the 7 -14 days for Process and delivery. This is because is a presell, That means that you have insured your item, once the product is ready in the factory for normal sales and shipping, you will be one of the first to be notified, and we will enclose your DHL or Epacket tracking number.

Once DHL or Epacket has your product can arrive at your house the next day or later, but always fulfilling the days we promise, at this time are 7 to 14 days.

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