7 Most Important Things About Your Period Blood Color

6| Gray-reddish mix

The presence of discrete gray or reddish-gray color indicates two things if the woman is not pregnant – it is a sign of STD / STI infection, but if you miss your period for at least one period, that is, for a whole month, it could mean that it is an early abortion.

What it looks like: Blueberry-hued and clotted.

What purple or blue period blood means: You, like us (and anyone with a period), probably never expected to see dark purple or blue down there, but hey, it happens. If you’re seeing dark, clotted blood in your panties, you may have too much estrogen in your system. Don’t hit the panic button — this is another off color that can be fixed with dietary adjustments.

What to do: You can help fix blue/purple period blood by eating fiber on the daily. Find fiber in tasty snacks like raspberries, pistachios, avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, cocoa powder and even popcorn! You can also get fiber from flax seeds, which you can add to anything from a protein shakes and oatmeal to soups and salad! Vitti recommends flax for its unparalleled estrogen-breaking-down abilities.